Academics and Support
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Courses in composition and literature that will include the development of reading, writing, and comprehension skills.  Minimum credit requirement for graduation:  4.5 credits.  **Must include 1 credit of American Literature. 


Courses in algebra, geometry, advanced math. Students considering a major in math, science, architecture, or engineering should consider a fifth year of math, including calculus.  Minimum credit requirement for graduation: 3 credits.
Courses in physical science, biology, environmental science, chemistry, or physics. Minimum credit requirement for graduation: 3 credits.
Social Studies
Courses including challenging advanced electives in human and social development.  Minimum credit requirement for graduation: 3 credits.  **Must include one course each in World History, Early American History and Modern American History.
Two years of the same foreign language is the minimum language requirement: 2 credits. More are strongly recommended. Highly selective colleges look favorably upon four years.
Courses offered for the physical and emotional well-being of the student.  Minimum credit requirement for graduation: 1 credit **Minimum .25 credit each year
Unified Arts 
Courses offered to broaden the depth and scope of the student’s educational background. Examples of these course areas include dramatics, art, music, and technology.  Minimum credit requirement for graduation: 1 credit 
Special Education staff members provide content support to students of many different learning styles, both in regular education classrooms and in our Academic Support rooms. 

For more information regarding specific graduation requirements, please visit our Guidance Department webpage or view our Program of Studies 2017-2018