"Every child can learn, just not on the same day or the same way."
- George Evans

Special Education Department


Jeanne Nisbet
TEAM Chairperson
Sharon Ames
Speech & Language Pathologist
Patricia Davis
Physical Therapist

Jennifer Pavia-Shiels
School Adjustment Counselor

Safiya Finger
School Psychologist
Jessica Curran
School Psychologist


Erin Cameron
Sp. Ed. Teacher

Sara Finn
Sp. Ed. Teacher

Holly LeBlanc
Sp. Ed. Teacher
 Geoffrey Mostow
Sp. Ed. Teacher

Jonathan Parker
Sp. Ed. Teacher

Martha Thompson
Sp. Ed. Teacher

Education Support Professionals (ESP)

Christine Avery
David Bethel
Brenda Iannarilli
Cynthia Laurora
Michelle Recchio
Justin Ventola
Robin Wilson